Meet the CASM Team!

We are a team of visionary change-makers from different academic and professional backgrounds occasionally supported by international guest lecturers and visiting researchers. By bringing together scholars from various academic disciplines as well as business and political leaders we are able to enhance knowledge transfer and international exchange for sustainable management practice.

Dr. Cristian R. Loza Adaui

Professorship of Sustainable Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Cristian R. Loza Adaui is holder of the Professorship of Sustainable Management and Corporate Social Responsibility at the CBS International Business School and faculty fellow at the Center for Advanced Sustainability Studies (CASM). He holds a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration (Dr. rer. pol.) from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany), a Master’s in Management and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Pontifical University St. Thommas Aquinas (Rome, Italy), a Master’s in Catholic Social Teaching from the Lateran Pontifical University (Vatican City), and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica San Pablo (Arequipa, Perú).

Cristian’s contribution to scholarship lies in advancing the understanding of corporate purpose and how companies address the increasing challenges of sustainability from a strategic management perspective, and the role of different institutional frameworks in shapingcorporate social responsibility across the world. His field work includes strategic sustainable management, circular economy, sustainability reporting, development-oriented corporate social responsibility, and international business ethics. His research appeared in Journals like Business Strategy and the Environment, Voluntas, Journal of Management Developmentamong others. He has the privilege to teach at bachelors, masters and executive levels and serves at the Editorial Board of Technological Sustainability Journal.

Student Assistants at CASM

Jule Mäder

Student Assistant


Jule Mäder is in her 6. Semester in the Bachelor Program Business Psychology and is working for the CASM since November 2020. She joined our team again after her semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea in Janauray 2022. Furthermore, in 2018 she did an Internship in Shanghai, China.

Since January 2021, she has been leading the CSR Student Team together with Noelle.

Noëlle Krämer

Student Assistant


Noëlle Krämer is currently in her fourth semester of the Master’s Program Strategic Management and Consulting. Prior to her master studies she completed her Bachelor’s degree at CBS. Since January 2021, she has been leading the CSR Student team with Jule, where they have implemented various projects related to sustainability at university and in the business world. Noëlle works at the CASM as a project assistant for the project 1U1B #TheOtherHalf: Making Invisible Women Visible.

CASM Alumni

Christophe Funk

Helen Cramer

Monika Kolb

Jan Steinbrink

Viola Nyssen

Anika Stürenberg  Herrera

Marc Werheid

Haden Cosman

Levent Saran

Matthias Mühlen

Patrick Bungard

Vaishali Baid

Juliane Lohmann

Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter

Marina Schmitz

Silvia Damme

Rina Veenhues

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