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Supervised Bachelor & Master Theses

Master 2019

  • Times of Change – A market research for sustainable toothpaste and the resulting business as well as social opportunities.
  • Wirksamkeit von Cause based Content Marketing als Nudging Instrument im B2C Bereich bei Social Entrepreneurship Startups in Deutschland
  • CSR-Kommunikation (Cause-Related Marketing) – Die Konsumentenwahrnehmung und die Wirkung auf das Image und die Reputation eines Unternehmens
  • Applying the East Asian Development Model to Sustainable Development: New Implications for Achieving the SDGs in China
  • CSR & Artificial Intelligence – Evaluation of the Potential of AI as a tool to Enhance Materiality Analysis
  • Making sustainability profitable – development of a detailed CSR action plan for a German medium-sized company.
  • Sustainability and buying behavior – a case study of students and producers in New Zealand
  • CSR posts and ads on social media and its impact on brand marketing
  • Corporate scandals in times of social media – an empirical research of corporate scandals’ impact on customer relationships
  • Der Weg zur Entwicklung eines allumfassenden CSR-Index
  • Nachhaltige Kredite in Deutschland – Standortbestimmung und Handlungsempfehlungen auf dem Weg zu einer sozialeren, ökologischeren und ökonomischeren Wirtschaft durch nachhaltige Kreditpunkte
  • Are CSR activities of a company a sufficient strategy to increase employee engagement or does employee engagement increase the CSR activities of a company?
  • The impact of sustainable investments. An analysis along the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Sharing Economies and Digital Businesses – An Evaluation with respect to sustainability.

Bachelor 2019

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Startups
  • Sustainability in the food industry – Why do food companies offer sustainably produced food?
  • The Importance of Corporate Ethical Values – What is the effect of corporate ethical values on employees’ ethical behaviour, job satisfaction and organisational citizenship behaviour?​
  • Gender Inclusivity in the Make-up Industry and its Influence on Purchasing Behaviour
  • Eco-Sustainability: A new business opportunity or the end of the end of the plastics industry?
  • Analysing the Socio-economic impact of technology-based service company in Indonesia: Case of Go-jek in
  • The plastic bank – raising awareness and grabbing the problem at its roots?
  • Leadership and organizational transformation and the impact of generational differences – the example of Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Freemium Model in videogames: Are microtransactions really as bad as they seem?

Master 2018

  • Die Herausforderungen der Circular Economy im Stakeholdermanagement
  • Importance of Intercultural Competence for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Learning from Born-Sustainables: Investing Criteria of Organizational Change for the Implementation of Circular Economy Practices within Fashion Companies
  • How to Integrate CSR into Every Strategic Decision
  • Nachhaltigkeitsinitiativen im deutschen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel – Auswirkungen von internen und externen Maßnahmen am Beispiel der REWE Group
  • Socially and Environmentally Conscious FMCG Brands in Digital Shopping in Germany – Market Potential or Elusive Hype?
  • Neue Geschäftsmodelle der Automobilhersteller in Smart Cities – Erfolgsfaktoren für den Wandel vom Automobilhersteller zum Mobilitätsanbieter
  • Erfolgreiche Implementierung von CSR-Strategien im Kerngeschäft bei bestehenden KMUs in der Möbelbranche am Beispiel der Radius GmbH
  • An Analysis of the Concept and Implementation of Shared Value
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management of IT System Houses: A Study on Customer Purchasing Behavior Regarding Sustainable IT Practices
  • Markteintrittkonzeptionen unter der Zuhilfenahme des Shared-Value-Ansatzes in Emerging Markets: Das Fallbeispiel Chile
  • Food Waste in the Food Service Sector — Reducing Food Waste through Shared Value and Digitalization
  • Establishing Dual Vocational Education in India

Bachelor 2018

  • The Impact of Sustainability on the purchasing decision in the Automotive Industry
  • Shared Value in empowering women in farming
    – Research & practices based on Bayer CropScience’s Gender Smart Project
  • Automated CSR report creation through the use of blockchain technology-based cryptocurrencies.
  • Sustainable marketing in multinational organisations and generation Y
  • Hemp as a sustainable raw material for the fashion industry
  • Sustainability in the Sharing Economy
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • To what extent are companies able to facilitate local cluster development by following shared value creation principles?
  • The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Company Brand Image: An Empirical View from German Firms
  • CSR in B2C: The potentials of green marketing as an instrument to improve a company’s reputation.
  • How social enterprises create economic success while creating shared value.
  • CSR: What are the Elements of Responsible Leadership in an business environment?

2016 - 2017

  • Telling a Story about Sustainability or: Why does Sustainability work as a content marketing tool (2016)
  • The effects of business ethics on generation y on their buying in a global context with special focus on the clothing industry (2016)
  • Sustainability marketing – an empirical research of consumers´ trust into green marketing campaigns (2016)
  • Differences and similarities of the perception of CSR in the international fashion industry – a comparison of leading companies in the EU, Asia and the US with respect to their sustainability reports. (2016)
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the transition from a fossil fuel to a renewable energy society on the United States economy: Comparing Tesla motors Inc and ExxonMobil (2016)
  • The Interrelationship between Social Engagement and Sporting Success – An in-depth Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility in the German Professional Soccer League (2016)
  • Educating the Leaders of the Future – How the new paradigm of sustainable management can be implemented in organizational learning (2016)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the Professional Soccer League – An Analytical Approach to the interrelationship between Sporting Success and Brand Perception (2016)
  • CSR Strategy Plan for Improving Brand Management in Personal Care Retail – The case of Watsons in Shanghai Market (2017)
  • Why and how incorporate design thinking into existing business models in order to design sustainable business models? What are they key components and new potentials for a SME? (2017)
  • Entry strategy for Vuhl Automotive into the German market (2017)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Auswirkungen von Skandalen auf Konsumentenverhalten und Markenwahrnehmung (2017)
  • Entwicklung eines Tools zur Messung von Corporate Social Responsibility bei der Volkswagen AG (2017)
  • Sustainable Company Evaluation of the Volkswagen Group (2017)
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