Ethics & Sustainability Award

Every year the Dr. Juergen Meyer Foundation in cooperation with the CBS International Business School (CBS) grants a total of 4,000 Euros in prize money through the “Ethics and Sustainability Award”. The objective of the award is to promote the social and ethics achievements of students who demonstrate an enthusiasm for sustainability. Students can submit scientific papers, such as Bachelor and Master theses as well as social projects in the fields of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.


At the CASM Open Door event on October 17th, 2017 Ruediger Winkler from the Dr. Juergen Meyer Foundation presented the “Ethics and Sustainability Award 2017”.

The awards were given to:

Anika Stuerenberg Herrera – Best MBA Thesis, “Sustainable Company Evaluation of the Volkswagen Group”

Adeline Grafe – Best Bachelor Thesis, “The impact of Sustainable Management Education on Students’ Employer Expectations and Work Values”

Viola Nyssen – Outstanding engagement as leader of the CSR student team


In August 2016, the “Ethics and Sustainability Award” was presented to CBS students during the academic conference on “CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance”, organized and hosted by the CBS, in cooperation with the Global Governance Institute.

The Awards were given to:

Chantal van Houtte and Frederic Baumann – Design and implementation of the conference’s social media strategy

Caroline Juergens – Design of the conference brochure which included comprehensive information about the topic, program, and partners of the conference

Rodrigo Mello – Organization of a summer school in Cologne that had participants from over 10 nations

Monika Kolb – Best Master Thesis, „Educating the Leaders of the Future: How the new Paradigm of Sustainable Management can be implemented in organizational learning”

If you have written a Bachelor, Master or MBA thesis on the subject of Business Ethics, Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility or want to initiate a social project – Apply now and win up to 1,000€.

Applications for the Ethics and Sustainability Award can be continuously submitted throughout the year. Both ongoing and completed works will be considered.


If you wish to apply, please send the following documents to [email protected] :

For a scientific work in progress:

  • An exposé (maximum of two pages)
  • An explanation of the planned use of funds (if needed for the work)

For completed scientific papers:

  • An electronic copy of the paper
  • A summary of the content (up to three pages)

For social projects:

  • A summary and description of the project (up to three pages)
  • An explanation of the planned use of funds (up to € 1000)
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